We have a new Gazebo!

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We have a new Gazebo!

Post by Josh_PoloGTi »

After the small white one bit the dust, and the huge white one went the same way, I've been out and bought us a nice blue one!

It's one of those funky pop up ubrella mechanism type ones...


It'll make it's debut at the VW Festival in Leeds!

Just thought I'd let you know anyway.
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Post by cyhliu »

Nice one! (is it as nice as the uk-mkivs?)
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Post by dubpolo »

very cool 8)
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Post by bstardchild »

cyhliu wrote:Nice one! (is it as nice as the uk-mkivs?)
Thats a "palace" not a gazebo!!!!

A ground sheet is all it needs to keep their slippers dry - JOKE guys :lol:
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Post by dino »


(Radio 1 Listeners, scott mills show will understand)
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