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Post titles

Post by polo2k » Fri Jan 10, 2003 6:54 pm

I spend a little bit of time on other forums and on these other forums i have started to notice a trend of people getting "flamed" for not searching.
For example, in some forums there are a lot of posts about suspension but most dont say so in the title, this makes then unsearchable via the search.
I have seen one or two posts on here following the trend of bad naming (i'm not pointing any fingers) but if you when you make a post think about its name please.

If making a thread about a respray then dont title it like this:

* No longer silver (peeps search for silver and see a green car :?: )
* Car smells of thinners now
* Just got the car back (really dosnt help search)

Titles like this are out of the question

* Car changed color to pregnant female teradactal kinda color (i kid you not post names like this do exist)