Welcome new members - IMPORTANT INFO

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Welcome new members - IMPORTANT INFO

Post by bstardchild »

Firstly a welcome to new people if you are reading this award yourself a gold star for actually noticing the thread relevance to you

So due to an increase in spammers on the forum the admin team had to introduce some restrictions to both your post and PM facilities

For the first 10 posts you make you will have to wait while your post is approved - trying to repeatedly post the same topic again and again doesn't count towards your 10 :wink: However if you've posted on a number of different threads they will all count towards your 10 once approved.

Please be a little bit patient - the restriction will soon be gone and you'll be as unrestricted as everyone else who have been here a while

Posting the same thread again and again piddles us off too so please don't

Spammers - trying to be clever doesn't work if you're flogging viagra or hair renovation cream I get enough offers by email so stick to that please. Your posts stay in hold untill read and approved - the post will be dissaproved and just for good measure we like to ban both user name and your IP address to discourage you from trying again :D
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