Polo GTI Recall

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Polo GTI Recall

Post by blackgti »

Hi ya all, Just found out that it looks like all Polo GTI are on a recall, I've had two letters one for my old Polo GTI and one for my sisters calling them back in for clutch problems!!! Now I'm not sure if any owner of the Polo GTI here has got one but keep an eye out in the post.

I've spent three days arguing this to them last month over the phone over my old car and my sisters, and looks like joshs nagging and everyone else that has complained has finally got to them. It looks like something is finally happing.

Well I'm going to VW later to find out what there going to offer me and my sister for all the money spend in the first place getting the car fixed!!!
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Post by CalvinGTI »

Would love to know what happens, cos they wouldnt pay me anything towards mine, and now there doing a recall?


ill go demand money hah !

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