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Close Call! Forum Down 06/04/2003 AM

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 12:29 pm
by Josh_PoloGTi
Hi All

Well, that was a close call!

Thanks to Ash for waking me up (and I was at a party in Sheffield!) :wink:

The forum was down, displaying an error: "CRITICAL ERROR: Cannot Create New Session"

Basically, there is a table which holds everyones details when they are logged on. This table had exceded it's limits, so I have added a php script to the forum which automatically deletes some of this info when it is no longer needed (ie: when you log out).

Anyway, we're back in business!

Thanks again Ash!

The UK Polos Management

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:15 pm
by polo2k
no worries mate
glad were back in buisness
me and tigor were sat there on msn trembling and discusdsing how we needed our fix of the site :P :lol:
ps you sounded a little rough this morning i take it, it was a good nite then :d

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:22 pm
by Josh_PoloGTi
Top night mate, thanks!

Eating Beef and Drinking Rum, Ginger and Lime...

Actually, after I'd woken up (about 15 minutes after you called :roll:) I fealt fine... No hangover at all.

Good job really, as I had to come home and think about PHP Code!

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:48 pm
by mole
So you didn't not drink and bask in the red glow last nite Josh? :D

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:58 pm
by Josh_PoloGTi
Well, as soon as it got dark, I remembered that I wanted to see what it looked like, so I went to investigate...

Mmmm, it does look nice!

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 7:01 pm
by mole
8) 8)