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Contact: - Volkswagen UK - Informal Relationship!

Post by Josh_PoloGTi »

Members of the uk-polos community,

On your behalf, uk-polos recently approached Volkswagen UK with a view to establishing an informal relationship. Following negotiations last week, we’re pleased to announce that this relationship is now in place.

With Volkswagen’s assistance, we hope to increase the enjoyment of your Polo ownership experience. One way in which we’ll be doing this is by bringing you editorial content concerning Volkswagen’s evolution of the product. Further, Volkswagen are happy to answer questions you may have about the Polo and its development and we welcome the forwarding of any VW-related questions or feedback to the moderators of the relevant forum sections. They’ll organise the submission of your questions to Volkswagen and will inform you of their response in due course.

This development represents the next logical step in the evolution of uk-polos. Through your ongoing participation and support, our community has grown into a friendly and lively forum for "all things Polo". We hope to build on your support in the future by bringing you insight and content that you will not find anywhere else on the net. Let’s keep the momentum and atmosphere going, everyone. It’s been a great journey so far – let’s see where it takes us!

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Post by cyhliu »

hear hear!

Our forum just gets better and can I have a test drive in the new yet to be released Polo GTI?
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