A bit late in the day, but HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TO UK-POLOS!!!

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A bit late in the day, but HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY TO UK-POLOS!!!

Post by Josh_PoloGTi »

I knew it was around this time of the year, but I just checked and today is the forum's 2nd Birthday!

Congratulations and all that... I might open the bottle of bubbly now!!

Cheers to all our regular posters... And to everyone else, get posting some more!

Best Regards

The UK-Polos Management (AKA Big Poppa J)
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Post by Petrified »

Happy birthday UK-Polos!!

Well if it wasn't for this place I wouldn't have just bought a Polo GT. An excuse to get a beer me thinks :wink:

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Post by metz »

If it wasnt for uk-polos.net i wouldnt have been chasing the gazebo along a farmers field earlier 2day when it blew away (its fine though josh..honest)

i will eat my celebratory snickers bar :-D
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Post by bstardchild »

I joined just to find out how to reset the service indicator :oops: - I've stayed - sorry all :lol:

Much nicer than porka.net - less foul language and attitude - no offence intended to split personalities that use both.

The people on here are helpfull - polite and honest in their viewpoint - I'm fly pasting parked up polo's evertime I see one with UK Polo.net info

I'm brimming up now - guys I can wait for billing next year :roll:

Seriously *Happy Birthday UK Polo.net* looking forward to the next one
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polo day

Post by jon_poloV »

yay 2 today, this site is the pest polo club by far
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Post by GroovyCarrot »

Wahay, congratulations :D
You've made a superb forum, josh.. it's incredibly rare to find a forum where everyone is polite, friendly and helpful, as far as I can see without exception. It's even rarer to find such a forum about a car that only a select few really give a damn about.. if it wasn't for uk-polos I almost certainly would have sold up and bought a mk1 clio the moment my funds permitted, so thank god it exists :lol:

Nice work anyway 8)
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Post by polopowah »

always helpful whether it be opinions people seek, or sound advice, its all here, glad to be a part of it
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Post by carmadaaron »

happy birthday!!! 8)

i joined because i had an mk4, then got hooked on polos, and then got a brand new polo mk6 :D

kool site 8) :D
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Post by Karl_CLCoupe »

Happy Birthday UK-P!

Great site. I originally started browsing the web looking for inspiration on what I could do to a Mark3, and stumbled across this place. Very helpful, and I've learnt lots. Great to meet everyone at Billing. Keep up the good work.

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Post by fishtoasty »

Yey happy b-day everyone!!! :D

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Post by wul3er »

Happy Birthday.
And well done to the managment for keeping the forum up to scratch
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