Wanted: Polo GTI 1.8

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Wanted: Polo GTI 1.8

Post by DazPoloGTI »

Hi all

I’ve had a Polo BlueGT 2014 in the past and really liked it. I swapped to a Mercedes CLA 220d 2014 which was great for when I was commuting to work but now I barely do any miles and just drive round town so seems silly to have a diesel, also want something bit more fun, and decided on going back to Polo but this time gti.

I’m after any colour but white, few options I’d like is the parking sensors, climate control & heated seats. Under 40,000 miles & under £13,000. Open to manual or automatic.

I don’t know if any garages visit these forums so included my current car above if any part x offers , if not it should be fine to sell privately after getting the new car.

I’m not in any hurry so thought I’d post it here and try find the perfect example I want.

Anyone out there wanting to sell?
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Re: Wanted: Polo GTI 1.8

Post by Zzz »

Hi just posted an advert for an R Line if you’re interested, let me know thanks. Zzz
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Re: Wanted: Polo GTI 1.8

Post by RHG Bristol »

I have a June 2017 Polo 1.8 GTi I might be considering selling in the next couple of months or so.

It is Reef blue metallic, has rear and front parking sensors and rear camera option.

Mileage is currently about 16,500 miles.

There is I believe a transferable warranty from Motorpoint where I bought it from, giving cover up to May 2022.

Message me if interested.

I'm based in Bristol near the M5 Junction 18.
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