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Re: Known/common faults

Post by lethal789 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:24 pm

I have a 2002-2005 MK4 POLO 1.9SDI.

not sure if this should be here but ive bought the car in 2015 at 56k and yesterday hit 80k. posting stuff i can remember if it helps it helps.

Changed the heater blower switch or something like that as settings 2,4 didnt work.

Changed steering rack due to a leak.

Alternator packed in at 66K. (original and not really sure lifespan)

That F***ing dash crackles when driving. turning the music up works.

replaced cup holder twice as it sucks and fails.

Left speaker stopped working at 76K.

Replaced rear shocks 4 times(welcome to london)

Every bush been replaced at some point.

guessing most of these are not really known faults but its what ive noticed.

always serviced it fully yearly. been france and back 3 times. original clutch still and same battery 3.5 years.

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