How to bypass leaking heater matrix

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How to bypass leaking heater matrix

Post by jeepster » Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:23 pm

I've been meaning to post this for some time now, as I have long since sold my 2000 Polo 1.4 TDi.

I had a leaking heater matrix and had to take the whole dashboard out to replace it (not a job I'd want to do again for some time!), but before replacing the matrix I stopped the leak by bypassing the matrix, until I got round to swapping it out. I did this by disconnecting the two hoses that come from the engine into the heater matrix pipes and putting in a home-made U shaped tube between them (see photos).

Tip: Make sure you label which is the left tube and right tube before disconnecting them from the heater, so they go back on correctly.

You will need :

4x Jubilee Clips, size 1A (22 to 30mm)
2x 22mm (I/D) "Yorkshire" 90 degree copper elbow tubes - these are 24mm (O/D) (bought from Plumbers merchant)
1x Short length (approx 60 to 65mm) of 24mm (I/D) old coolant hose (I got some free from a local garage)
1x Piece of pipe lagging and 2x Cable ties to secure pipe lagging around tube (not shown in photos)

The polystyrene pipe lagging stops the jubilee clips rubbing against the bulkhead heat shield (not shown in photos, as this was an after-thought when I saw one of the jubilee clips was rubbing a hole in the heat shield, due to engine vibration).
2017-03-19 14.32.34.jpg
Bypass tube (before fitting)
2017-03-19 15.36.04.jpg
Bypass tube (fitted)
2017-03-19 15.36.51.jpg
Bypass tube (in place, before pipe lagging fitted)
For info - Heater box removed
For info - Interior removed
For info - Interior removed

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