6N2 with open-air rag-top. Roof Rack anchor points?

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6N2 with open-air rag-top. Roof Rack anchor points?

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Hello everyone.

As the title says really, can't find any info anywhere. I currently have a 2000 1.0L 6N2. No sunroof or rag-top, and I have fitted Thule roof bars for carrying bikes/ladders etc. The bars are connected via little clips in the body of the roof.

Now, the thing is. I'm looking to buy another 6N2 because mine is becoming a money-pit, and well, I just like them!

So I've found a 1.4 2001 6N2 SE. Thing is, it has an 'open-air' rag-top. Not sure if that was an option on this model or it's been fitted retrospectively? That's fine, but I need to know whether this model still has the clips to accommodate roof bars. And if so, would the rag-top foul the bars, or would I have to keep the bars off the vehicle if i wanted to open the roof? Anyone know? The actual car I found was online and has since been sold so the dealer can't help.

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