hello :)

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hello :)

Post by Joe1337 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:25 pm

Hi all, just saying hello!

i've recently bought a 6n Polo 1.4 8v off a friend, i joined club polo and edition 38 and they're a bit poo.

Used to own a Yaris and YCUK was a very friendly place where everyone knew each other, and attended alot of shows together, looking for a community so i can learn more about my polo, and also some more stuff, and hopefully meet some great people along the way!

a little about myself, My name is Joe, I am 19, and am from Nottingham! Cars are what i eat sleep and breath, and an avid jap fan at heart. came across my polo by accident really, as i blew my last two cars up... oops! i bought my polo about a month ago off a friend when i broke my second car, and then needed a new one, and this one came for sale, and i loved it!

took me a little while to get myself to get along with it, and it needs some TLC, however a week after I bought it... the gearbox went!

so £700 later and a fully reconditioned and strenghtened box and flywheel and a triple plate clutch later, I am back on the road! really getting to love my little car at the moment, and am smitten with it! honestly a top little car!

so yeah, that's me in a nutshell! ill get a progress thread made up, and will probably look around the for sale section and some other stuff to see what's happening :)

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