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SP30 & Insurance

Post by lxm » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:56 pm

I received 3 points and a fine about 18 months ago for traveling at 40mph in a 30mph limit.

(excuse : genuinely thought it was 40! saw the safety partnership van about 300 meters infront, adjusted my speed to 40 on the dot and held it steady whilst driving past the van - single lane dual carriageway, that runs about 2 miles, the initial stretch is a 50, then it reduces to a 40, and unknown to me it further reduces to a 30 for the last stretch)

I never even thought about informing my insurance, until last week when getting a new car, and looking to arrange a renewal. My excess has gone from £200 to £500 :cry: and they have back charged me £113.50 for the last 18 months because I failed to notify them!

Anyone else had any expeirence with points effecting insurance quotes or policy ?

Its cost me an extra £75 annually and £300 increase excess.

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