'98 Polo Estate / Variant lowering + camber adjustment

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'98 Polo Estate / Variant lowering + camber adjustment

Post by gofra » Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:51 am

Hi guys!

I own a 1998 1.6 8V variant which I love to bits but could do with some lowering / stiffening (sea sickness prevention measures). In addition, I would love to install a camber/caster plate on top to set it up correctly.

Now, since the Estate version is pretty rare and people don't seem to be doing much work on them, I'd like to hear from the guys that have already done it.

Here's the suspension I'm after:
http://www.ap-sportsuspensions.com/ap-s ... k-288.html

It offers a 40/*60 drop which imho will set the car just nice (it's really high atm). What I fear though is that camber might go to + in corners as it's a classic MacPherson setup. Would love to know if anyone used
this suspension and what camber/caster plates to go for.

Any feedback, info and suggestions are appreciated!

Thnx in advance!

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