1.4TDi EGR Valve

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1.4TDi EGR Valve

Post by bewsh » Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:44 pm

Hi, my mothers CEL came on so she went and had it scanned and it came up with a fault with the EGR valve. I want to try and clean it out before she has it replaced, to see if its just stuck open/closed. But the problem is I'm not use to these engines, can anyone explain where the EGR is and how easy it is to remove on the engine? Oh ye its a 2009 (9N3 possibly?) 1.4TDi blue motion.

Any information will be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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Re: 1.4TDi EGR Valve

Post by vincentvdl » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:07 am


I was looking for the same info, it was hard to find.
Here is the detailed instruction in Spanish with pictures:
Use an online translator if needed.
Screws for the valve are T30. Replace rubber ring after clean-up.
The most difficult will be to remove the valve after you have removed the screws.
Good luck,

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