Styling questions?

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Styling questions?

Post by Nat110 »

Hi Guys!

So I'm new here, had my polo since last October now and wanting to start modifying it, I'm just wondering where to start? At the moment I only have around £100 to spend, not much I know but is there any exterior things I can buy which will look good? It's a white polo by the way. Was going to get some alloys but they will have to wait!

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Styling questions?

Post by chrispy. »

I am kind of in the same boat as you..

One thing ive done recently is upgraded all bulbs to LED & Pure White.. With a white car, will suit it so much more!

Also, will take you time but 100% worth it. Try getting rid of the circle in your tail light - can do it but removing the light, take bulb board out and place thick black tape over the circle donut shape plastic so stop light from coming through.

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Re: Styling questions?

Post by EmmerrLouise »

Hey, I've got a white 6n2 and have the same problem haha. I'm skint most of the time so I can't mod mine how I'd like it, and my bodywork is awful at the mo, but light bulbs are definitely a good idea - I've got white fogs, HIDs, xenon number plate bulbs. I've wanted white alloys for months and finally saved up enough to get them. :mrgreen:

In terms of interior, I find it's cheaper to start modding from the inside out (and I figure you spend more time inside it than looking at it from outside!). I've changed all the heater dials ( ... EBIDX%3AIT), the light switch ( ... EBIDX%3AIT) and upgraded to a double din stereo. (the stereo cost me £120 with fitting, but £70 for the unit alone if you can fit it yourself - Halfrauds ex-display Pioneer!). Things like grills can be cheap from people breaking polos (lots on Facebook) - clear indicators look good too and I can't imagine they're too expensive.

I wanna see how you get on and see if you think of anything on a budget that I can use! Good luck :)

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