White(ish) Bulbs

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White(ish) Bulbs

Post by joere07 »


I'm after the whitest halogen bulbs for my 2016 Polo BlueGT (H7 Halogens)

I understand it's near impossible to get pure white light from halogen but I've tried like 4 brands with no results, even the ones that claim to be super white are yellow :lol:

Is anyone able to recommend some decent, bright white(ish) H7 Halogens that they've used or know are good? Getting so tired of looking :lol:

Thank you in advance
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Re: White(ish) Bulbs

Post by Aquavalver »

I'm having the same problem! I just bought some Ring ones that are meant to be up to 5000k, but although they are whiter than the previous ones, they are actually more like 4000k max. Which exact ones have you tried so far?
You can get some that will be white, but they won't be road legal. The only thing to do is change your headlights to LED ones-aftermarket or genuine, get ones that won't be road legal (whether you would be stopped or they would be found out, I don't know?), or put up with what you have!
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