Possible carbon bonnets for mk4 polos

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Possible carbon bonnets for mk4 polos

Post by BIG4244 »

Hi i have a very good carbon supplier, that if we can get 5-10 people intrested would produce a carbon bonnet for the mk4 polo, and with the mold could produce more if we have more intrest, i am currrently enquiring into prices, but in need some intreset first, check out the link below, The focus RS in the pic is my freinds and i have seen first hand the quality and it is A1.


post your name if intrested, Cheers
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Post by dumdum »

interested! :)
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Post by LeMeph »

id be interested if the price is good for me...
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Post by neb »

interested for sure
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Post by septic »

Yea man, let us know what the price is.
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Post by Q86ARR »

Depending on price I could be interested
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Post by sexydhibbett »

i am interested but depend on price
lee s3 plo
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Post by lee s3 plo »

i be interested !!
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Post by Josh_polo »

sexydhibbett wrote:i am interested but depend on price
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