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custom exhausts

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you might have to register to view the post, but it may be worth a look if you are in the market for a new exhaust!

to quote the original post:

'ok guys i've managed to sort out a group buy for custom stainless steel exhaust systems.

the guys who are doing it are urban racing in St Helens (0845 130 7441)

the steel they use is 304 grade stainless with mandrel bends (so no reduction in bore round bends unlike powerflow systems) they also use high grade stainless welding wire to go with the tube and stainless hangers s rust is not an issue even on mine thats 2 years old there is not one spot of rust and its been *%$&*!ted a few times lol, tube sizes can be chosen when deciding on system. boxes are all uk made 304grade stainless steel boxes with stainless baffles that don't blow out after 6 months.

they can do anything you want and are willing to do every system indervidual to each car. you can choose any tail pipe and box and you just have to tell them what you want it to look like and what you want it to sound like and they can sort that no problem,

they can even do bike cans that they get from blue flame who if anyone knows make some of the best bike cans around.

also anyone worried about service afterwards don't, these guys work on the concept that as long as you own the car they will fix it should there be a problem, no questions asked, they only do quality work and refuse to let anything that is below standard out the work shop, to put into perspective these guys build custom exhausts for anything including :-

1969 corvette singray
Noble mc12 (currently in progress)
3.5L rover V8 trike

and anything you can think of, because everything is custom then anything can be done, side exit! like mine with a bike can across the back, like i said you tell them how you want it and they will build it for you.

due to each exhaust being different then prices will differ so at the moment i need to know who will be interested, the more i get the cheaper it will be but your looking around the £300 mark for your standard system (2" bore, single box any tailpipe).
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Post by Jimsiss »

Right, I need a list of people who would like one and when they could pay:

1) Jimsiss - James Sissons - mk3 polo GT - Cash by end of march
8 )

anymore and we'll make it into a weekend thing.

These are made using only the best materials and you won't find a better exhaust anywhere else, that's why bentley commisioned them to make their stainless exhausts.
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polo saloon classic 97

Post by craigdundee06 »

im looking for an exhaust or back box for a saloon 97 classic....1600

have looked everywhere but no luck can you help?
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