VW Polo T-Shirts @ Volksdepot

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VW Polo T-Shirts @ Volksdepot

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Hi guys.

I know its my first post so i will apologise in advance. I run a T-Shirt / Decal business with my brother. We have been in the VW scene on other forums for years (clubgti, clubpolo, mk1golfforum) and being honest didnt really this forum was here!

Well, we have an ever expanding range of designs for T-Shirts. Including, Polo Down and out T-shirts (Not released on the site yet), mk1,mk2,mk3,mk4 6n, mk6 polo t-shirts. Various VW related shirts with some awesome designs.

If you guys wanted to get a group buy going through the forum, by coming up with your own design, or having us design one for you guys, you are more than welcome.

Take a look at our site and see what you think.



regards, Scott
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Re: VW Polo T-Shirts @ Volksdepot

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wah nice info gan!

yang kancing emang kalo versi yang biasa selalu sama warna baju nya. tapi ada bbrapa yg emang beda misalnya fred perry yg japanese. itu kancingnya beda sama warna base baju nya. :roll:
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