Quaife Diff Group Buy 085 Gearbox

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Quaife Diff Group Buy 085 Gearbox

Post by Tigz »

Hi All

We have just organised a production of a Quaife Limited Slip Differential for the Lupo GTI Gearbox and as I have a 085 gearbox from a Polo 1.4 and some Lupo Sport owners requested it, we are able to offer the diff for an 085 box as part of this group buy.

The details are in This Thread on Club Lupo

If anyone would like to join, please let me know.
Tigz wrote:As I am sure you are aware, at present there is no company who can supply a Limited Slip Differential for the Lupo GTI.
Following initial contact with a Club Lupo member, this work has continued into Quaife agreeing into developing a LSD for the Lupo GTI.

This is a chance which I would expect will not come around again, so if you are considering tuning your GTI or even using it as a track day car this is the group buy for you!

Due to interest from Lupo Sport and Polo GTI owners Quaife have agreed to offer the LSD for the 085 at this discounted price.

The cost involved in producing these items is very expensive, so the more we can sell during this group buy the cheaper they will be for everyone.

Quaife are expecting to Retail the remaining items at a cost of £661.25 including VAT.

We are able to offer during this group buy for :

10 x units £590.00 including VAT.
20 x units £556.37 including VAT.
30 x units £523.30 including VAT

UK Delivery costs will be confirmed nearer the production time, but it won't be too much.
If you'd prefer collection from either South Yorkshire or Peterborough can be arranged.
Collection from Quaife is not possible.

Quaife require a deposit of 25% of each unit, I will take on the responsibility of the money.
As you can see from my post count, I am a Club Lupo addict so please don't worry about your cash it will be safe!

Production time scale is expected within 16-20 weeks.

As most of the interested parties are from outside the UK, we will accept orders from anywhere around the world
Payment is needed in £ Sterling, although the Pound is so weak right now thats going to be much better for you!

Please see This Thread for any discussion.

Please add your username to this thread to register your order and/or PM me with your personal details.
If you can include :

Full name.
Phone number.
Email address.

I will then reply with my bank details for the £147.50 deposit.
I would prefer bank transfers as these are fully recorded by both own and your bank.

Please note, I am not an enginner so please don't PM me with any technical questions as I will not be able to answer them.
Please PM 'Icegeezer' and he can either answer the question, or get the answer from Quaife.

Interested members so far are:

Icegeezer (UK)
guillaume (France)
orsaris (Greece)
tttttada (Japan)
KamRacing (UK)
Twisty B-Road (UK)
Dogwood (UK)
Unora (Spain)
blupogti (Taiwan)
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Re: Quaife Diff Group Buy 085 Gearbox

Post by Tigz »

Icegeezer (UK) - Deposit paid
guillaume (France)
orsaris (Greece)
tttttada x 2 (Japan) - Deposit paid
KamRacing (UK)
Twisty B-Road (UK) - Deposit paid
Dogwood (UK) - Deposit paid
Unora (Spain) - Deposit paid
blupogti (Taiwan) - Deposit paid
Ripper (Greece) - 085 box.

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Re: Quaife Diff Group Buy 085 Gearbox

Post by bulls23 »


I'm a big Polo 6N fan from Germany and right know I'm starting to build myself a Ringtool for the Nordschleife (completely stripped out Polo 6N GTI, OMP welded rollcage, bucket seats, 7x15 OZ Superleggeras, Toyo R888, probably H&R modified suspension, 4-2-1 manifold, sport cat and 63,5mm exhaust, hood, doors, tailgate and fenders made out of fiberglass...). I just came across this thread while searching for a LSD for the 085 DTX or ETG Gearbox. I did search the Quaife Website and could find two different Polo LSDs. One 085 for the G40 and another one for the 02T Polos / Lupos. What happened to the LSD you guys ordered here or does one of those fit an AJV with DTX / ETG gearbox?

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