Fitted seat covers for 6n2 GTI's

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Fitted seat covers for 6n2 GTI's

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As the seats in the GTI that I'm picking up shortly are so mint, I want to keep them like that, but so far, I haven't found any fitted covers specially for the 6N2 GTI.

On my old mk.2 Golf GTI, I used to have some universal covers that did the job of keeping the seats clean, but didn't exactly fit well -as in a bit loose here & there and because of that they didn't look so great and also were not so comfortable. There's a company that do fitted seat covers for certain seats in certain model cars, that fit well and because of that are more comfortable and look nicer. BUT they are quite pricey at £45 or so each! If enough people are interested I could contact them to see if they would contemplate making them for the 6N2 GTI seats (as I have some that they could use to template from) and also at a cheaper price for a group buy. They owe me a favour too! Lol!

If you are interested, then post here and I'll see what the company say!
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