[Steering Problem] - VW POLO MRK 4

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[Steering Problem] - VW POLO MRK 4

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Hello, I've recently been having troubles with my steering in my MRK 4 polo face-lift addition, It's a 2007 late year model there doesn't seem to be no lights on the dash, the car has had frequent services, Does anyone know what could be causing the problem or could it be a abs sensor or something as these vehicles don't have steering fluid and is done by the electrics
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Re: [Steering Problem] - VW POLO MRK 4

Post by CarbonChaos »

Hi your post is confusing :?:

A Mk 4 would be 1994 - 99 you state it’s a 2007 polo thus making it a Mk 7
If this is correct then your 2007 polo does have PAS fluid , which can be accessed in the engine bay on the left side of the vehicle in front of the battery via a green screw cap to check the level.
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