Polo 9N3 Gti ESP 8.0 coding

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Polo 9N3 Gti ESP 8.0 coding

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I made a mistake the other day and enetered the ESP 8.0 soft coding for a SEAT Ibiza Cupra into the Polo's. It brought up the ABS light and ESP sybol on the dash. I reset codes which didnt fix the dash but then after cycing the ignition the ABS light cleared and the ESP onee remianed. I then set the Polo's soft coding back to the correct 000296. The coding 'took' but the same happened as above even with the correct coding.

VCDS ESP 8.0 codes are:
01314 - Engine Control Module
000 - intermittent
013177 - control module in instrument cluster (J285)
000 - intermittent
18055 - check coding of ECU's on power train data bus

Engine runs as per normal. The ABS despite the faults still works on a crash stop. I'm thinking that despite the soft coding appearing to be ok, that its lost some other part of its coding? I've trawled the vcds threads and just can't find anything. Rosstech points towards physical connection issues and airbag codes? but the problem happened the moment the soft coding was changed so its got to be an issue arising from that action.
Any help massively appreciated
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