Radio Upgrade Options???

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Radio Upgrade Options???

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I know this topic has been covered many times, but I am seeking the latest information.
I want to upgrade the head on my 2010 Polo. I am looking for something that my wife can use (i.e simple).
I do not want to upgrade the speakers. I am just looking to add GPS (New Zealand maps), reversing camera, Wifi, Bluetooth functionality.
I'd like to restrict cost to around $USD300

I have found the following units reviewed here:

available from Aliexpress here: ... .57.HtBBTe ... 0b35ddfbd9

There seem to be two variants, one with knobs on top, and one with knobs along the bottom.
I also suspect there are different versions of the software not easily identified on the adverts.

Does anyone have advice about the quality of the units, software and suppliers?
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