2004 1.2 hatchback - rear light question

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2004 1.2 hatchback - rear light question

Post by pidgeonpost » Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:10 pm

Just spent a day investigating water leaking into boot on this car (my daughters). Discovered several things:

Minor bump was repaired 'on the cheap' 3 years ago as guilty party (not her) knew the boss of a body shop.
Nearside tail light was damaged but not replaced. Retaining clips broken off, captive stud replaced by self-tapper, and electrical connector comprehensively butchered.
The connector is distorted and several of the cables have been snipped off and the connector bypassed, the wires having been crimped direct to the lamp unit! :(
I have bought a s/hand light unit complete and fitted it, but the wiring needs a new connector splicing in to plug into the lamp unit.
There are several salvaged ones on Ebay, but I don't know whether the nearside and offside wiring is different. I'm an average DIY-er but with wiring you have to get it right first time so I wonder if anyone can tell me or take a pic of what the wiring on this connector should look like please?

I'll attempt to load a couple of pics from Onedrive.

Here's a pic of the butchered NSR unit...


and one of the NSR butchered connector...


and here's a pic of the OSR connector...


I guess what I'm saying is, is the wiring and connector the same on each side or are there any traps for the unwary?

The Ebay items I'm considering are 332176053329, 332166689663, and 332168434012 but I can't ask the seller as they are away.

Any clues appreciated....thanks. :)

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