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2001 6K Polo tdi Estate 110 ASV engine, water damaged ecu and fix

Discuss In Car Electronics / Electrical Systems - use with caution!
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2001 6K Polo tdi Estate 110 ASV engine, water damaged ecu and fix

Post by zoopboing » Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:51 pm

Calling all 6K Polo owners with my recent water damaged ecu findings that may give someone else with similar problems easier fixing experience, as I couldn't find this detail anywhere online.
I bought this car as a non-starter on eBay recently, only 106k on the clock, so I gambled on it being essentially ok and being able to make it run🙄. I discovered after taking off the fuel sender under back seat that the tank was full of slimy black junk and that was blocking the sender pipes, dismantling and cleaning this sender is simple, removed the muck, cleaned out the tank, changed the fuel filter and all worked fine. I thought this was all I had to do.
Then, after a few test miles it just cut out and wouldn't re-start. Had to tow it home - again🙄.
Took out the sender again thinking that was it, replaced and tried to start - nothing. But I noticed during the depressing hours of gloom thinking I had bought a pile of junk - the glow plug light and check engine warning lights not coming on at the start as before - realising there was a new issue, suspected the ecu, as where it sits under the offside windscreen corner was full of wet leaves and sure enough on opening it up I could smell the burning and then see the burnt insides. What a crazy non-waterproof area to mount the ecu!!
Found a reconditioned replacement ecu on eBay typing in the part number, (immobiliser removed unit so 'plug and play', fitted it and tried to start - starter activated but still no glow plug or engine warning light at ignition key turn. I assumed a continuing nightmare, looked through all wiring for breaks.. nothing obviously wrong.
Looked yet again through all fuses inside the car, all looked intact but NO!!! I realised that he small 5amp fuse no 32 was blown although it looked complete!! This fuse is the culprit, if blown, the car stops, I can hardly believe this feeble little fuse can stop the car dead🙄, but it does🙂. The Polo estate lives on, goes like a rocket now.

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