Polo 2015/16 Auto-dimming mirror - RLS - Long Coding

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Re: Polo 2015/16 Auto-dimming mirror - RLS - Long Coding

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I was finally able to make Rain Sensing wipers to work!! I tried spraying water and it works perfectly. eagerly waiting monsoon to arrive.. :D

Ross tech VCDS cable is pretty costly (including import duties + international shipping) for simple DIY kind of tasks and I was looking for cheap alternatives. I purchased OBD Eleven scan tool which can also do long coding and other tweaks. Though VCDS is very comprehensive and user friendly, I had to rely on Google to learn OBD Eleven but it gets the job done!

I also tried activating 'Rain Closing' feature but it doesn't see to work. Should it work while car is moving or ignition is ON? I tried this while engine was ON as well as while car was locked.

How does RLS gets power when car is locked?
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