Pin out for polo 9N1 0G4 Convenience system central control unit

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Pin out for polo 9N1 0G4 Convenience system central control unit

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Hi ,
hello everyone, thought it might be time to become a member as we have 2 polos atm

over the weekend thought it would be a good idea to have a go at fixing a few problems on my son's polo . sort out the hot air only mode, get the air con working , fix the servo motor errors / mend the fuse box issues/ sort the drivers electric window and fix a rear locked door..etc, you know the general stuff , so while giving the general interior electrical systems a freshen up, thought umm remote ,, my audi has one so why not .

So while having the dash out and most of the clutter removed thought it would make sense to hook up some wires for a remote key flob. lock, unlock, indicator, headlamp, windows etc,
found a number of wireless modules for install, my question is a simple one , work out the correct pin outs of the module.

would like to know the pin outs of the following item,
Convenience system central control unit 6Q0959 433 H KSG 4 -TUERIG 5DK 008 127 -01 II 52302 : H01 / S0001
my problem, is unit in da car has only 2 connectors, 1 x 12way and 1 x 23way,, yet in the Elsa wiring diagram it shows three. which kind of means i have no idea of the pinouts

vehicle spec :
type 9N1 0G4
Trans GET

so please any insight to the pinouts would be great. x
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