Fuse with delayed shutdown?

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Fuse with delayed shutdown?

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Long-time lurker on this forum.
I have an Android HU on my 6R(2011) Polo. It used t drain my battery (had to change about 2 months ago). According to my research, this was due to the canbox included with the radio: The radio would shutdown, but the canbox wouldn't, so it was constantly draining the battery when the car was off.

I cut the power to the canbox and connected it to the fuse (using an eBay piggyback fuse adaptor) that controls the rear whipper. Now the headunit AND canbus shut down when I turn my car off.
Unfortunately, I have a new problem now: Because the power to this fuse is cut off as soon as I turn the key to "0", the radio shuts down after 2 seconds. Before it would take about 5 seconds to shut down, so it doesn't shutdown properly and when I turn the car back on, the radio doesn't work properly (random problems: no internet, no bluetooth, etc..)

Do you guys know of a fuse that I can piggyback from that has some sort of delayed shutdown? As I said, 5 or 10 seconds would be enough. It would also be okay if it would cut power when I lock the car or something like that. Overall, some fuse that doesn't have constant 12V power, but at the same time, that doesn't cut out power immediately when I switch the car off.

Thank you very much.

Edit: info that might be important: the head unit receives a signal when the key is removed/switched off and starts the suht down process.
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