Polo 6c Bixenon upgrade

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Polo 6c Bixenon upgrade

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Hello everyone,

I know this has been discussed a lot of times but I need help with procuring the parts and I'm not sure which harnesses do I need.

My VIN is MEXK 16609HT084286 and Im based in India

What I have:

1. I have so far been able to get the Bixenon with oem Ballasts and bulbs from @iichel
2. I plan to buy the 10 pin to 14 pin adapter as well from him
3. I'm buying the BCM high t6 7E0 and AFS module from @benji58

I need to know should I also buy the harness @benji58 has on sale on his thread, will it work with my polo 6c? If not what other parts and harnesses do I need to get this working?
I do not have the AFS sensor and mounting bracket if anyone can help with that and the Auto headlight switch that I will need with it, the current auto headlight switch I have is from aliexpress for halogen lights.

My current requirement is proper functioning of the light with DRL dimming and flashing the lights I do not intend to use AFS immediately (Buying the AFS module only because it is cheap).

what other parts or harnesses do I need? Will this require authentic VCDS coding tool or can I get it done on third party software as well?
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