VW Polo Match 70 Sigma S Issue

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VW Polo Match 70 Sigma S Issue

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Hi everyone

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on a problem I'm having with my first car, it's a blue VW Polo Match 70, 08 plate with a Sigma S series security/central locking system fitted.

I bought this used car a few days ago, I'm happy with how it drives and looks but am having problems with the central locking system. I have no problems whatsoever when I lock/unlock using the key.

The central locking system is able to lock the car, however 9 times out of ten the alarm will sound when unlocking the car and the only way to stop this is to press the button on the fob again then unlock with the key. The system suddenly started working again last night so I used it to lock the car, however 3 hours later I was told by a neighbour that the alarm was sounding. Again, I had to disarm the system and lock with the key to resolve the problem.

Has anyone here had similar issues and do you know of a fix? I have no problem taking it to a garage to either repair or simply remove the system (if that's even possible) but this does seem like a more specialist job.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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