Greetings from Malta!!

See if you can find a net connection while you are on holiday and post here!
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Greetings from Malta!!

Post by DanDiesel » Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:08 pm

ok, as postcards from most countires in europe generally seem to arrive after the sender gets back, i thought i'd keep up tradition :lol:

greetings from Malta!! from Dan and Hollie! :D

many modified cars out here, mostly bad examples but there were loadsa polos!! i saw loadsa polos classics and seat cordobas!! and mk4 golfs!
they even mod up the old skool skodas and i saw quite a few mk1 jettas and mk1 escorts!!
their driving is suicidal at best and the roads are worse than in Britain!! lol
overall i had a great time, but at 40+ degrees everyday, it feels nice to be back! :D

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