hello from work...almost

See if you can find a net connection while you are on holiday and post here!
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hello from work...almost

Post by Tahrey1043 » Fri Sep 24, 2004 1:48 am

more of a spiritual, than a virtual postcard

the supposedly "dedicated" CT imaging Sun Sparc computers at work proved to have virtually unrestricted networking access (but for an antivirus firewall), and hidden deep within the menus, a browser. headed over here to post something. defeated by the browser being something like netscape v2.NOTHING and rendering every page as an LSD nightmare.

i shall not be defeated, however. there must be a way. probably when i get full access granted to the windows NT machines. several weeks yet.

oh yeah, and... hi from the ADAC imaging room of UHB, about 12 hours ago. it's sunny outside and dismally air conditioned & striplit inside :(

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