Another Hello from Florida

See if you can find a net connection while you are on holiday and post here!
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Another Hello from Florida

Post by bstardchild » Wed Nov 24, 2004 1:28 pm

Hi All

Just thought you'd like to see a couple of low quality pics from the Holiday so far - internet cafes are a bit few and far between.....

Jeff Gordon (#24) amongst a few other "Nascars" lapping the 1.5 mile Oval at Homestead, Miami - Averaging speeds in excess of 180mph (when they weren't under yellows) I lost count of the number of leader changes but at one point JG was dead last but fought his way back to a top five finish out of 43 Cars so lets just say it isn't processional like F1 8)


Here's the view from the grandstand to the left of me


And the view to the right of me


70,000 fans at a sold out event :lol:

What a way to spend your 40th Birthday :roll:

Hour and half to get in (al roads are turned one way in) and two hours to get home (they do the same with the roads)

How to organise a race properly - BE could learn a lot from how they do stuff out here

PS It's my fourth time at a nascar event and it won't be my last :lol:

Catch up with y'all when I get back

"have a nice day now"

Just a few more :lol: I've replace the p*** poor quality ones with better versions - got a new camera for the special B-Day :shock:

Sunrise from Hotel Balcony


The rental


Me other hobby - nice way to spend an afternoon on the beach


The more extreme version but you get wet - very wet


Virgin Atlantic are very accomodating when you present them with an 8ft long tube stuffed full of kites - you do however get some funny questions at US Customs - they tend to think you are importing a WMD or at the very minimum a elephant gun
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Post by Josh_PoloGTi » Wed Nov 24, 2004 1:39 pm

Cheers for the Postcard mate!

Glad you're having a good time out there... Happy Birthday!!!

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Post by carmadaaron » Wed Nov 24, 2004 4:41 pm

yeah, enjoy it man.... missd the snow over here :lol:

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