1987 Bread van - van no windows

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1987 Bread van - van no windows

Post by Fredamens » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:58 pm

Hi all, I am new and my name is Fred so hello and thank you for any advice you may be able to give.

It’s in respect of a proper polo breadvan, van no back seats or windows, I thought the collective knowledge on here may assist.

My brother has a van that he uses for knocking about in and being a VW owner myself (earlybay) I suggested it may be too good to use for knocking about in and may be worth a few quid given how few are about or in fact for sale.

It has m.o.t till February. 87k miles original working Van. Some signs of old sign writing roof racks. Worse bit is tailgate but he has a perfect spare. I also think he has a few other spares including a 1.3lt engine (this is a 1.1lt I believe) and possibly a few more panels.

1987 and I am assuming mk2 (correct me if I am wrong but has round lights in the front). I have asked him to be honest about it so this is what he has said.

Good points has MOT till Feb, all panels straight, interior complete & all works, exterior complete & all in working order. New petrol tank & back exhaust box. Original roof rack. Van has been used daily for nearly 3 years for knocking about in. .

Bad points, engine leaks a bit of oil, odd bits of surface rust , tailgate has the worst bits but I have a perfect replacement that will need spraying white. Signs of old signage on sides of van, rear part of van is clean & tidy but was used as a working van in the past so metal parts are a bit scratched.

A good example of a rare and original polo van. My point is find another one.

I Am not sure how to put pictures up but I have tapatalk and if I am honest I am interested in what they are worth given they are so scarce.

Any help appreciated and if you think it’s easier to speak on the phone give me a bell. I may end up putting you into my brother as it’s his and I only know a little bit about it.

Cheers Fred 07800902379

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