got offered a free mk2 polo coupe

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got offered a free mk2 polo coupe

Post by niraj90 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:49 pm

hi, new here.... basically got the chance to get a mk2 polo coupe (round light) which is up for grabs, i might get it once my e30 project is done,

but catch is its been sitting outside to the elements for a good couple of years, new to vws in general but woudnt mind a little sleeper project car, probably looking to lower it and fit a mad engine, not 100% on what conversions are possible, im looking for 150-200bhp minimum, so any suggestions are great? not looking for anything too complex and dont what to fit a heavy engine at the front and mess up balance so light and powerful options

its a metallic green colour and paints not great, im planning to just give it a satin black rattle can job, i can get a compressor alternatively but not looking to spend too much on it,

might go check it out any terminal places of rot i should check before i start throwing ££s at it?


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