VRS or Polo 9N GT?

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Many thanks for your opinions and advices. After a few days consideration. I decided to save a bit more money and aiming the Golf GTI Edition 30 to be my target!! As I really love to have a Golf GTI in my lifetime, so I reckon is worth waiting and save my money for!!! I know it is not diesel engine, but I am really in love with the Edition 30 after I test drove it the other day, also I read about it can chip it up to 300 bhp. This is the big reason for me to wait and stick with the petrol engine limited edition GTI...

What do you guys think? :roll:
david burton
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good for you 8)
polo power
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up to you, but you will never get the same mpg figures with a petrol as you would with a diesel!
Ben Diesel
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We bought a polo tdi130 and its the best car ever!

i have a tuned 306 tdi but the polo is another class!

146bhp and 260ilbs torque and its standard woohoo!!!

vrs are ok but i'd prefer 3dr!
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I was the same preferred a 3DR so went for the GT, no regrets at all! 8)
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