Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

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Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

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I got bored of my stage 3 Octavia vRS 2.0TFSi so started looking at new wheels, wanting something able to hit 300Hp+ on std turbo, potentially AWD, with a good tuning market.

Was looking at
Mazda 6MPS
Volvo S60R
Vectra VXR
Leon Cupra

i then started to back track and began looking at renault clios, for the chuckability and power to weight performance instead.

And somehow i ended up with this

Skoda Fabia vRS 1.4TSI(180)
Candy white, black roof and alloys
Cruise control
heated seats
Reverse parking sensors
Climate control
7Spd DSG
IPOD connectivity etc
and all for £14200


Had it dyno'd. Got a pretty good plateau of torque

I was speaking to Ben @ Shark Performance and he asked me if he could use the golf cart as the development car in exchange for a free remap (only 800 miles on the clock :o ) but i went for it.

Took it up to him, but was on a tight schedule, and ended up leaving the car with him for a couple weeks, and leaving in his wives 1.8T A4 Avant, no longer with plans of just going stage 1, instead we were going for a decat OEM downpipe and a slightly watered down stage 2 map.

Dyno'd again on DD rollers.

Red Curve = Stock software with Decat OEM downpipe
Blue curve = Stage 1+/2 remap with decat OEM downpipe


Chuffed to bits with the gains although not 100% on the accuracy of the torque as it was substantially higher on those DD rollers compared to my most recent run @ JKMs DD rollers.

Whilst at JKM i decided to fit my new black front grill surround



Bought a Forge intake from Jason on SCN for the tidy sum of £80, and a spare OEM downpipe to stay legal when not on track.


Most recent rolling road day from JKM

Also got marginally better figures than an Ibiza Cupra with stage 2 revo & full TBE on the day as well as well, so considering his outlay of around £1700 im chuffed to bits with my results for what is only a total of £140 outlay by myself.

Got invited to turn up on Shark Performances Stand, so i popped her 1/4 mile cherry on the Saturday of GTI international, and spent a fair wack of money going up and down the strip. Weather wasnt ideal on the saturday, nice and cool, but with the headwind and sporadic rain. Not 100% happy with my times compared to the 1.4TSI 1/4 mile leaderboard but they are all times from crail and santa pod, so not sure how comparable. On the day she seemed to be holding her own anyway.

Got spanked by a twin turbo R32 with circa 500hp, i saw his 1/4 time flash up by the time i had got the the electronic notice board halfway up :grin:
Mk2 leon cupra stage 2,
stripped out mk2 Golf with VR6 engine,
Stage 2 De-DPF vRS stage 2,
Justins stage 2+ GTI twice,
Stage 3 mk1 Fabia twice amongst a few others.

Heres some of the results of the day

Me and nick perry in his stage 2 De-DPF vRS
[youtube] ... C12821.mp4[/youtube]

Done with power mods for the minute, although im considering a hybrid as id like to make around 210hp/ton. *

Mods to do

Uprated radiator
Rear ARB
Uprated suspension of some sort
4 pot 312mm front brakes and 282mm rear upgrade.
Uprated coil packs and spark plugs
Heat tape for the downpipe (bought but not fitted)

Been looking into some weight loss options. thinking about the braile battery, lightweight wheels etc

Potential savings

3kg/corner for wheels so circa 12kg saving
lighter front *brake calipers/discs around 2.5kg per corner lighter so circa 5kg saving
Remove the weight ballast in rear bumper 25kg saving
Lighter battery 15kg saving
Supercharger sound-proofing 2.5kg

So everyday weight saving of 59.5kg

Then for 1/4 mile and track days the rear seats, spare tyre, and tool kit are 49.5kg so potentially 100kg of weight loss which should make quite a difference.
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Re: Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

Post by AJ_7 »

Very nice mate, seems like you got a lot of car and a lot of performance for the dollar! The black grill really makes a difference to the front end :)
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Re: Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

Post by tt509 »

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Re: Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

Post by Endi_GTI »

Nice mate. Ill keep an eye on this thread. Nice work
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Re: Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

Post by Tim_GTi »

Lovely! 8)
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Re: Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

Post by 6N2 GTI 00 »

Just come across this thread now :) ....bit late but really impressed what you have done with the car for such a small outlay

If only N/A tuning was that cost effective :lol:

Keep the updates coming!
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Re: Sys mk2 Fabia vRS 1.4TSI

Post by tt509 »

cool mate
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