List of things to repair from garage - what can wait?

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List of things to repair from garage - what can wait?

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a 10-year old Fabia 1.4 8V with ~100K miles. The car has no obvious issues when driving both in town and on main roads, but I've only done ~100 miles and am planning to take it for a ~400 mile trip soon. This morning I have taken it to my local independent garage that specialises in VAGs and they've just rung me back giving a list of things that they advise doing.

I would very much appreciate your advice on what I should go ahead with as first priority, what can wait and on what I might want to get a second opinion. Thanks a lot!

1) Rear break shoes and cylinders need replacement
2) Front suspension bushes warn
3) Water pump leakage
4) Ignition coil going down
5) Front break discs & pads warn (in line with a recent MOT advisory)

Thanks very much for your help!
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Re: List of things to repair from garage - what can wait?

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Brakes are the most important, if they fail it doesn't bare thinking about what could happen. How worn are the front suspension bushes? Aslong as they are not completely seperated they will last for now. How quick is the water pump leaking coolant? As long as it's not pi**ng out, just top up before every trip and get it replaced ASAP. Is it the individual coils? Or the complete unit? It will probably last for the journey and will just be down on power that's all.

I would definitely say the brakes and water pump are the most important from the list, followed by the coil and then the suspension bushes
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