Tail-gate boot release remote not working (2008 5dr)

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Tail-gate boot release remote not working (2008 5dr)

Post by brookie » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi all!
First post here so please go easy and hope someone can help.
Bought our 2008 5 door Polo 3 months ago from a garage and since day one it's had an intermittent remote boot release. Some days it works, some days not. The garage have been really good - first they replaced the handle operating actuator and now they have replaced the locking motor micro switch - both brand new from VW.
Unfortunately, it's still playing up so we are still having to open boot from the inside using the manual emergency release catch.
We do NOT have a key hole on the handle like on some other 2008 models I've seen.
The only thing left to replace is the Convenience Unit which controls the central locking - but this will be really costly and I can't see the garage going for that - even with the fault being there from day one.
2 questions ; 1) any ideas what else it might be causing this intermittent problem?
2) is it possible to retro-fit a tail-gate handle with a key operated lock to our car and just do away with the remote function?

Hope someone can advise as it's driving us nuts :evil: , particularly as we have a dog in the boot too!

Thanks in advance - Rob :)

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