Polo 2007 Electric Windows

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Polo 2007 Electric Windows

Post by retroheaven »

Hoping someone might be able to give me a little advice. Recently both electric windows stopped working completely. Strange they both failed at the same time so I checked fuses and all seems ok (I think) and looked at relays. Under steering wheel I can hear clicking when I lock the doors but not sure which relay deals with electric windows. All I can see are three relays, one in position 11 Marked 100, one in position 12 marked 404 and one in 13 marked 167. Haynes manual not clear at stating which one deals with what.

Is it worth replacing the relays or is my issue more serious? Any ideas what I can look at?

UPDATE: Just found out if I use the central locking using the key it doesnt work and only locks the drivers door and interior light remains on. Also the central locking buttons lock and then immediately unlock when used inside the car. My remote central locking key fob was an aftermarket fit so locking and unlocking the car luckily still locks and unlocks everything.


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Re: Polo 2007 Electric Windows

Post by Sam3352 »

Had problems with central locking doing that and windows randomly working on one side then on the other side etc, atm the central locking works but not the windows! Lol having some more problems with the car stay on running since it sat dormant for 2 months that lead me againnn to think I definitely have a dodgy earthing point! What I always thought could be causing the central locking/electric window problem!
About to go and check the earthing strap between the engine and the chassis (I suspect currently that, that is the problem) and the battery points, fuses etc. But I’ve checked the terminals before and all seemed tight and nice and even loctited to avoid vibration loosening.

So, will let you know how it’s goes, but, I’m far from an expert so would also appreciate anyone else who may know more, or has experience with these kind of problems!
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Re: Polo 2007 Electric Windows

Post by Bepis »

Sometimes both my front electric windows just stop working completely with no rhyme or reason but turning the key in the door and holding in the unlock position so they open then closing them again by holding the key in the lock position seems to sort the issue.

If you have remote central locking I'm fairly certain you just hold the button on the remote.
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