Polo 9n3 GTI Headlight bulbs

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Re: Polo 9n3 GTI Headlight bulbs

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With great power comes great responsibility

You can fit higher powered bulbs so long as you do it right, best to fit them with the lights pointed at a wall or something so you can see the light pattern and compare before and after.

I know a lot of people hate them but I have a set of HIDs fitted, they cost about £40 and I went the extra mile and bought reflector specific bulbs (H7R) with a metal base that give a good light pattern. If you do fit brighter bulbs you've got to make sure to keep the lens' clean as far as reasonably possible as a dirty lens will cause a lot of scatter, hence why manufactures have to fit all xenons with washers (even if most of them are a bit useless). Manufactures also have to fit self leveling so you don't blind other drivers every time you hit a crest. I usually level mine down all the time unless needs be. Its fairly obvious if you can see the other driver giving you a dirty look your doing something wrong. I never get flashed so mine must be ok.

If you can't be assed with all that just fit a decent set of halogen bulbs, some good suggestions above.

I had 130W H1 rally bulbs in my last polo and they worked fine for over 2 years, it is risky though as your standard wiring isn't designed for it.

Over here we have dedicated MOT centers unlike the main land and until a few years back when the rules changed, they let HIDs pass so long as they didn't cause excessive glare and were aligned properly. Just a bit of useless info.

If you do fit high powered bulbs do so at your own risk.
Fitments in case your wondering are
Main beam: H1
Dipped beam: H7
Fogs: H3
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Re: Polo 9n3 GTI Headlight bulbs

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I have always been a fan of HIDs (6000k) but I'm looking for yellow lights at the minute, so I bought 3000k HIDs, expecting the light output to be similar to my original ones.. But when I tested them, the output was about 2/3 worse than the 6000k..

So I asked around quite a bit until I got a couple recommendations to just get H7 Halogens with a yellow covering film, so I recently bought some online, waiting for them to arrive, fingers crossed they're what I hope! :D
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