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9N3 2007 - Central locking issue after fixing a door lock

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:48 am
by akz786
Hi Guys

So I have a 2007 9N3 1.4 , with normal central locking (non remote).
The issue was that both rear doors were playing up, i.e. not opening from outside sometimes but you could from inside etc.
The passenger rear door now as deadlocked and is showing "SAFE" in VCDS.

The drivers side rear we just replaced yesterday, so thats ok when you lock the car from the outside all is fine, however when you lock from inside by pressing lock button from inside the car, the drivers side front door now pin now opens back up.

This never happened before? seems putting a new lock in has somewhat upset the sequence?

I will need to wait until a few weeks before I can do the other side.