Suspension bush replacement.

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Paul R W
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Suspension bush replacement.

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Hello everybody

Polo 6n3 2005 1.4 TDI

One of my suspension bushes started clonking back in the autumn, now another 2
have joined in so it's time to bite the bullet and replace all of them.

Research tells me that it's not a technically complicated job (gonna make up my
own puller), but I am pretty much guaranteed to strip the threads where the pivot
bolts screw in.

I'm thinking it'll be a good idea to set myself up with a helicoil set ahead of time.

Any of you helpful souls know what thread size I should be buying?

Also there's some discussion on the best replacement bushes, so I would very much
welcome any suggestions in that department too.

Polo 6n3 2005 1.4 TDI

Many thanks in advance!

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