Rear washer hath died. RIP. Need help again.

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Rear washer hath died. RIP. Need help again.

Post by PugBrothers »

Hi All,

My rear screen washer has died. What looks to be the culprit is me using it liberally during winter and I've clearly dislodged the pipe somewhere. I can't see any pools of liquid, but I haven't checked my spare wheel area or inside the lining to the boot.

My main question / request is - does anyone have a diagram or handy link to somewhere for getting underneath the various bits of trim in and around the boot? The bit behind the left hand passenger space seems to be hoisted in a few areas and I don't want to accidentally break anything. Same applies to the trim on the boot also.

Any and all hints, tips and diagrams welcome!
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Re: Rear washer hath died. RIP. Need help again.

Post by RUM4MO »

Some of the known leak/pipe off sites are, at the joint round about the ABS valve block under the bonnet, and possibly over the LHS rear wheel arch, then obviously in the rubber protector at the hinge area, after that where the fluid feeds into the base of the wiper motor base where it uses an inner thin metal tube to get up to the spray nozzle. Next, or first if you can't find a fluid leaking out, will be the spray nozzle, it might just be blocked so pull off the plastic spray nozzle and see if water can now get out that thin metal pipe inside the wiper mechanism shaft.

One thing to understand, the spray nozzle should not move round with the wiper, it should always point upwards.
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Re: Rear washer hath died. RIP. Need help again.

Post by CarbonChaos »

Check the passenger rear footwell for fluid as the pipe runs down that side and there is a jointer under the sill trim,if the jet is blocked the pressure builds and the join separates.
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Re: Rear washer hath died. RIP. Need help again.

Post by gerinemo »

Was just checking mine there today after I had fixed the boot handle not working

In my case the pipe to the washer was completely broken in half inside the rubber gaitor between the body and the boot lid
so when operated the boot lid filled with water :-)
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