Airbags gone off, steering light on

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Airbags gone off, steering light on

Post by Sammytee97 »

Hi all,
Long story short, I rear-ended someone, about 15mph. Mechanically, the car (07' 9n3 3 door) seems fine. The crash still managed to set the airbags off however. I can get a new dash + airbags + seat belts for about 150 quid. Bumper will be needed also.
Anyways, after the crash, the steering light came on (Amber). Again, everything seems mechanically sound with the car. The steering is super heavy however. Like worse than none assisted, it's a real struggle to turn the wheel more than 45 degrees either way. It's really the only thing (apart from the bumper sticking out massively) that is stopping me physically driving the car.
I'm guessing its went into some sort of 'crash shut down' mode.
Can anyone shed some light please?

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Re: Airbags gone off, steering light on

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Sorry, but all I can say is, I've heard about that in the past but I can't remember how/what you do to sort it out, have you tried Googling that, even for Skoda Fabia and SEAT Ibiza as they tend to have more active technical questions asked/answers given.
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