Rain water collecting in rear doors and footwell

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Rain water collecting in rear doors and footwell

Post by PoloGP »

Hi - I am sure this issue has come up before but I couldn't find a solution on the forum. Rain water seems to be collecting somewhere in the rear door and then overflows into the footwell. The door drainage holes seem to be clear so I don't think this is the issue and I don't think this is a door seal issue either. Has anybody had a similar issue and can advise on the cause and how to fix it?
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Re: Rain water collecting in rear doors and footwell

Post by RUM4MO »

I've never ever had this issue with any VW Group cars, yet, but it will probably be the seals leaking on the actual door frame and not the rubber door surround seals. There should be lots of this getting reported across the Skoda Fabia, VW Polo and SEAT Ibiza forums, try getting Google to collect a few links up for you and you will find guides.

Remember any comments for Fabia and Ibiza are as good/useful as any Polo ones.

Edit:- also you are sure that its not just rear window washer fluid?
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Re: Rain water collecting in rear doors and footwell

Post by Bongoboy »

Hi PoloGP,

I guess you got this issue resolved as there has been no further response to RUM4MO suggestions (always an annoyance when nice people like RUM4MO try to help and don't even get a thanks for the suggestions made!)?

When I first got my Polo I encountered this too, water became trapped in the rear door and in the winter freezing so I couldn't open the door, and after much research I ended up modifying the door seal myself. It seems on models going forward, certainly on the 5th generation, the door seal is modified as this was my inspiration when modifying my own.
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