Remote key losing pairing

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Remote key losing pairing

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Hi new to the board.

Read lots of posts on remote key pairing but nothing on this particular issue.

Current remote key appears to lose its pairing as it will lock and unlock car for 5-10 minutes but then will no longer operate remotely requiring manual locking/unlocking.

Have replaced the batteries in the remotes with Sony batteries and the recoded remote key using Vcds- lite v1.2. The Ross tech procedure, ... ching.html, for pairing the keys appears to work but results have been a bit random so pairing has worked but a bit by luck I feel.

There are no faults shown on the CCM module so hopefully someone can help with ideas on how to resolve the problem.

Would like to resolve the issue as although can lock/unlock car with key in drivers door the alarm still goes of for a short period when starting engine.

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