Replacement key

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Replacement key

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Son has bought his first car. VW Polo 2007. The only key that came with it only opens the passenger door and works the ignition. Is it straight forward to go to VW to get a replacement key fob, if so how much? Or are there alternatives to VW? I believe alternatives may exist but not in Cornwall, its like another country here :cry:
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Re: Replacement key

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Aaaaah, be happy that you are in a sane area, it does not need dog eat dog to be good!

Anyway, you have a single basic key, ie no fancy remote fob with folding "switch blade" key, and it does not fit the driver's door - does it fit the rear hatch lock?

I'd think that the cheapest option will be Timpsons and they can clone a new key to be the same as the only other one you have.

You could ask in your local VW dealership and they should be able to order in a new key to suit that car if you provide them with certain details to prove ownership. After that it sounds like you might need to get them to order in a driver's door lock barrel to suit that key so that everything uses the same key. Costs unknown, but many dealers will try to persuade you that the cheaper option wrt the driver's door lock, will be to just buy an off the shelf new barrel that comes with a couple of keys, that will be cheaper but leave your son with the need to carry and use 2 keys, and fitting the wrong key in a lock can mess up the key.
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Re: Replacement key

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An alternative is finding a good local auto locksmith that has the facilities to clone VW keys. Quite often cheaper than Timpsons - join the VAGCOM group on Facebook and ask around for local autolocksmiths and I imagine someone will put you in touch with a good one for a decent price (that’s how I sorted mine!). Good luck!

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